Foul breath ? halitosis ? smelling breath ?

I have the real cure ! I discover it by accident, as many discovery or inventions, let me explain you how I had foul breath, and what I did to get rid of it, and finally how I success by accident !

I was on holiday on the beautiful island, I seen those 3 girls at the exotic bar, one of them was so pretty, our eyes keep taking contact, when I talk to her I found out she was from Spain. After a couple of drink we end up in my bungalow, I was so happy, yes ! holiday, beautiful girl, warm weather, paradise island in Asia…. We together wanted the same things, our body language, our eyes again, we start to kiss, and WTF ! The dream turn out to be a nightmare, what is this smell ? So strong, what can I do ? I can’t push her back, insulte her ! So I avoid kissing her too much, yes we did have sex, that foul breath ruin everything. I even quickly finish sex to end this soon as possible, and lie about I started to feel bad pretended a sudden gastro something. I had to be rude and drive her back to her bungalow while I was using my best actor skill to pretend to be sick.

I wash and wash my teeth, gargarise my mouth like crazy. The day later nightmare was not finish, I had me too this foul breath, this halitosis! Really ? is that possible to get it from someone ? I could not believe it, but yes it was true, and easy to test it, I lick my wrist let it dry and then smell it, bahhh that smell so bad, the exact odours that actually it’s happen time to time to smell it from peoples that talk with you to close, yes you know, this kind of foul breath that you step back when they start talking to you ! I was one of them now, I feel so shame that when I was talking to people I did not to close, I use a lot of candy to cover that halitosis.

This situation last for 2 years, I seen so many doctors, they never ever believed on my story, I try dentist also, they looked at me like I was dumb, a simple mind ?! stupid person ! Only one doctor who actually is eyes surgeon, we was friends, but lived very far from me, I email my story and the fact that others doctors did not believe me, he answer me that if my breath smell change after kissing this girl to become foul breath, why would I lie ? So yes he told you know it better than anybody, but he could not help me to cure it.

And one day after an incredible event “by accident” I recover my normal smell breath, I did not believe it, I use to do the test on my skin every day then every weeks for months, and check that my smell was the one I knew all my life, I was so relieve, so glad. I encourage you doing this test, just lick a small part of the skin of your wrist or for-harm, let it dry completely then smell it. because sometime especially when wake up, our breath smell bad, foul breath, if you lick your skin and smell it right a way that will smell a bit, so wait until is dry, then you will know it’s your natural smell or not !

All people that had halitosis and or foul breath should try my “accident” cure, to be honest, I just ask you . 20 dollars. Back to be confident, kissing without fear, talking without mouth full of candy ! for only 20$ You will discover the happy ending of my story to learn how by accident I cured for ever the foul breath, in 3 days it will be done ! If you want get ride for real of halitosis, foul breath contact me in ( this cure work only is your breath smeel change at one point of your life, if you born with, it will not work).

Daniel Gordon.